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Day trips, camping trips, whitewater adventures, flatwater excursions, .... there are so many beautiful places to escape through and to... please give us a call or email if you would like to plan a memorable paddling experience, geared to the interests, stamina, skills and time frame of you group.

Join Us for one of our regular paddles:

looking upstream from canoe at the bottom of Slate Falls, Lower Madawaska River Provincial Whitewater Park

FLATWATER EXPLORE our season-long series of canoe excursions visiting one gorgeous spot after the other- contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



EARLY BIRDS : CONROY MARSH Set the alarm! Sunrise on the water - experience the wakening of the marsh, birdsong, morning light and mists.

IDENTIFY NATURE : WETLAND PLANTS Explore the aquatic world of plants, from your paddle perch. Identify a variety of shoreline, bog, fen and aquatic plants, exploring their historical and natural uses.

WHEN RIVERS WERE HIGHWAYS : STORIES FROM THE RIVER, by CANOE the rich history of the Madawaska waterways, stories told through geology, archeology, oral and recorded history. If the water could talk, oh what tales it would sing!

We provide Flatwater and Whitewater Tandem and Solo Canoe & SUP(stand-up paddleboard) rentals, coupled with quality equipment and safety gear, outfitting, shuttles, valet and delivery services, from our base in Quadeville, Ontario. We are a few minutes from Palmer Rapids Whitewater Park and Aumond's Bay(the top of the Lower Madawaska River Provincial Park), serving from the Middle Madawaska to the Greater Madawaska, the York and Little Mississippi Rivers, and all the accessible lakes in between.

Due to the nature and flexibility of our services, we are quite often in and out of the shop. Please call ahead to reserve your times for shuttles, outfitting and rental services.

We are open year round for information and reservations.

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